User management

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Using Demo_336_UsrManagement as an exampleUser management


This page can be used to create and edit users directly at the operator interface. It can only be called up by users with cicon2 access level of 7 or above (see cicon2 Using Demo_336_UsrManagement as an example, User access levels)

They are only supported on the operator interface.

If, during another download of the application, the user data that was created in SPSPlusWin are also supplied, they will be written over the user data created on the operator interface. If you wish to retain the users created on the operator interface, they have to be uploaded in the user management first.




The user management input fields:

Field name:


User name

User name input


Password input

Password verify

Repeat password input for verification purposes

Current level

Shows the access authority level currently allocated to the user.

New level

Input of new access authority level of the user.


The user management buttons:




Closes the user management page without any further actionws and opens the start page.


Adds the data of the newly created user to the user management. This requires the input of the new user and the allocation of a password, its verification, and the allocation of a new access authority level. The password must have the required minimum length.

Change *1)

For changing the access authority level and / or the password. The user name can only be changed via the SPSPlusWin project engineering software.


For deleting an existing user from the user management on the operator interface.

The user is then irreversibly deleted without any safety check.


The user remains in the SPSPlusWin project, however, and will be re-implemented when the user data are uploaded again.



UsrMan_User_Edit a user name at the operator interface.


Instead, you have to delete the user whose name you wish to change and then re-create a new user with a new password.

If you wish to change a user name whilst retaining the operator interface password, you need cicon2 to upload the user in SPSPlusWin and, after changing the user name, download it again.


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