Changing user access level

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Using Demo_336_UsrManagement as an exampleUser managementChanging user access level


Creating a new user:

Changing user access level:

Changing user password:

Delete user:



Allocating a new access level to a user at the operator interface requires entering the following values in the respective fields:



Input value:

User name

User synonym

Password *1)

Current or new password of the user

Password verify

Current or new password of the user

New level

New access level to be allocated to the user.




Click on the "Change" button to change the access level of the user in the user management of the operator interface.



If you wish to retain the current user password this needs to be known or the user needs to enter it herself.


As an alternative, the access level can be changed via the cicon2 user management of SPSPlusWin .




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