User Management

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a user management


The user management provides the objects required to ensure electronic signature requirements are met: For this, the User management SPSPlusWIN provides the following features:


Log-in function with user name and password

Definition of a minimum password length (up to 10 characters)

Definition of type of characters permitted for a password (letters, numeric or alphanumeric)

Automatic log-out after a pre-defined interval (can be switched off)

Request to change password after a pre-defined interval (1...365 days, 0 = unlimited)

9 different access levels defineable via user groups (admin, main user, etc.)

User management for up to 99 users in one operator interface of the visualization class.


The User Management is stored in the Object Explorer at the bottom left of the screen, under ' System / User Management '. It supplies the user with a comprehensive and comfortable dialogue for project engineering. As a first step in this dialogue, users have to define the required variables for the user management. These variables will then be accessed by the user management via various functions.


Currently, these are the following functions:


Login, determines access rights according to the user input.

Logout, re-sets current access rights to level 0.

Create new user, creates a new user.

Remove User, deletes the user specified.

Edit user, changes user.

Change Password, changes the password of the user currently logged in.

List all users, issues a list of users existing for this operator interface.



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