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User ManagementEditing a user



Creating users:

Editing a user:

Access Authority:

Creating users at the operator interface:



The control of a user's access rights is realised via the the users listed in the "Password management" register of the user management. Here you can edit existing users and add new ones.




Editing a user:

Double-click on the user you wish to edit, or select this user and click on the Btn_EditUser button.

Change the data and then click on Btn_GetUsrData to save the changed user data.

If the password was changed the dialogue for password verification will pop up.

Re-enter the new password.

Repeat this dialogue for every user you wish to edit.




Please note that the maximum number of characters for both user and password is 10.


User names that consist of more than 10 characters or include invalid characters are dismissed as invalid by the application of the operator interface.



If you wish the users created at the operator interface to be retained during a download, you need to upload them in SPSPlusWin to the device in question.


This is also necessary if you wish to ensure that the personal passwords of each user are retained in the target device.


Uploading user data:

Click on Btn_UpLoadUsers with the right mouse key.

The dialogue for selecting a connection will pop up.




Select the required interface and target data.

Click on "OK" to start the upload.

A progress bar will pop up.




Confirm the upload requirement at the operator interface by tapping on the "OK" button in the dialogue.

The user data will be loaded and the progress bar will disappear upon completion of the process.



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