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Demo_336_UsrManagement as an exampleSetting up a user managementDialog / Register BaseConfirm password


User name:


Current user:

Password level:

Confirm password:

Current level:

Automatic log-out:

Number of log:

Password expiry:

Password length:

consists of:



Use the variable you create under "Confirm password" to submit the confirmed password of a user to the user management. The user management accesses this variable with the following functions:



Create new user

The source of the value of the confirmed password of the user to be created.

Change user

The source of the value of the password confirmation of the new password of the user to be changed.

Change password

The source of the value of the password confirmation of the new user password.

In order to open the dialogue for creating a variable, click on Btn_DialogÖffnen2 .


The dialogue for creating an string variable will pop up.




For our example, the variable was called "Usr_PwVerify" and the string length set to a maximum of 10 characters. See cicon2 Dialogue / Register Base. The operating type was left at the default value. You can use the default string to define a default value which will then be displayed in the input field. We will leave this parameter empty because we want the input field to be filled actively with a value (repeated password).


The parameters in the "Functions" and "Process connection" registers are irrelevant for the demo project. You need to define a process connection if the <%VARSPS%> are supposed to be able to access the variable content.




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