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User ManagementInitialising



Creating users:

Editing a user:

Access Authority:

Creating users at the operator interface:



In order for the Operator interface to be able to initialise the User management, you first have to generate the variables used internally by the user management. For this, proceed as follows:



In the object explorer under "System", double-click on "User management".

The user management dialogue will pop up.


If not already open, click on the "Base" register to create the variables of the user management.

Carry out the following actions for each of the variables (6) contained in this register.

Click on Btn_DialogÖffnen2 in order to open the dialogue for creating a variable.

Go to the "Base" register of the dialogue and, in the "Name" field, enter a descriptive name for the variable in question.

If you want the PLC to be able to interpret the variable, click on the "Process connection" register.

In the group field "Address symbol", enter the address at which the PLC can access the data.


General parameterisation of the user management.



Set the relevant values for the parameter or accept the default values.

Click on "Apply or "OK" to accept the settings.


Via variables:

Click on Btn_AdvancedOpen to show the variables.

Define all variables in the way described above.

Click on "Apply or "OK" to accept the settings.



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