Demo_336_usrManagement as an example

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Demo_336_UsrManagement as an example


The "Demo_336_UsrManagement.spw5" project was created to provide an example of how to realise a user management.


We recommend you proceed as follows when realising a user management:

1.Analyse the rights structure - which user group has which rights, what is the hierarchical structure of those rights.

2.Analyse the required pages (menus) and the rights allocation of the Image objects.

3.Set up the user management variables.

4.Structure the rights hierarchy.

5.Create users and their access authority levels.

6.Create pages for the respective tasks.



Symb_Internet, Download area of SPSPlusWin demo projects.



Description of the user management implementation based on the demo project.

<%TOGGLETOOLTIPTOPIC%> Setting up a user management


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