Inserting graphics of screen template

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The process of inserting graphics for a screen template is identical for all pages. The description below is using the start menu page as an example.


Once a page has been created, the editing window for this page will pop up. In order to insert the graphics for the screen template, click on the following symbol Btn_BildEinfuegento open the dialogue. Place the mouse pointer at the left top margin, click the left mouse button and do not release it. Now drag the image object open and release the mouse button.


The graphics selection dialogue will pop up:




From the left/top drop-down field, select the directory containing the graphic of the screen template. Graphics may be stored in the following directories:


Standard: Grafik\

Main directory for graphic object files.

Standard: Grafik\Bitmap\


Standard: Grafik\Grafiklist\


Standard: Grafik\Touchbutton




Projekt: Grafik\

Main directory for graphic object files.

Project: Grafik\Bitmap\


Project: Grafik\Grafiklist\


Project: Grafik\Touchbutton



Whereby Standarddenotes the directory in which SPSPlusWin was installed.

, and Projekt denotes the directory where the current project is stored.


Click on the file containing the screen template. In order to adapt the image object size to that of the graphic, remove the tick in the "scaleable" field.


Click on "OK" to adopt the graphic for the page. Place the graphic at the required position on the pabe.



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