Setting up a user management

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Demo_336_UsrManagement as an exampleSetting up a user management


Before setting up a user-specific user interface one should clarify a few fundamental questions, such as:

Which user interfaces are required?

What access authority levels are required to call up these pages (who can call them up)?

Do individual operating objects (touch fields, input fields, etc.) on each page require specific access authority levels? Does a page contain objects which may only be changed by users with a certain level of access authority?



The "Demo_336_UsrManagement" is an example to illustrate how to realise a user management.


It is not meant to be a realistic depiction of how to project engineer for a corresponding field of production. Nonetheless, the realisation of a user management is illustrated by this example.


The table below provides an overview of operating pages / functions required for the demo-project.


PagesHandles screen pages


Access Authority

Start menu

Start menu for calling up various pages.

0 = can be called up by anyone. *1


For user log-in

0 = can be called up by anyone.

Logging out

For log-out of the currently logged-in user. Calls up the "Logout" function.

0 = can be called up by anyone.

Change password

For changing the password of the user currently logged in.

1 = for anyone with a user profile. *2

User management

For the creation or editing of users.

>= 7 Only for users with user management authority.


Page for the delivery of raw materials. Not described in this document.

>= 3 For users with at least the authority level of delivery company staff.

Operate plant

Page for operations. Not described in this document.

>= 5 For users with at least the authority level of operating staff.

Plant maintenance

Page for setting up of the plant. Not described in this document.

>= 6 For users with acess authority for setting up plants.


*1 (0 has no corresponding value in the user management)

*2 (Corresponds with the first allocatable access authority level)


Access authority is checked whenever image objects (touch fields) that call up the pages are accessed. The requested page will only be opened if the logged-in user has the valid access authority level.


As a next step, the variables for the user management must be created. This is done in the "Basis" register of the "user management" dialogue in the object explorer under " System > User management ".




For this, select menu item "User management" with a double-click of the left mouse key. The User management dialogue will pop up.



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