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User ManagementCreating users



Creating users:

Editing a user:

Access Authority:

Creating users at the operator interface:



The control of a user's access rights is realised via the the users listed in the "Password Management" register of the user management. Here you can edit existing users and add new ones. The user management is stored in the Object Explorer under " System / User management '.



We recommend you first call up the level management to define the authority structure beforehand. See also cicon2 Access authority.


Creating a user


Click to expand or collaps object.   Dialogue User Management / Password Management



Click on Btn_NewUser .

In the field entitled "User" enter the name for a user containing a maximum of 10 characters (no umlauts).

Use the "Password" field to define the start password with a maximum of 10 characters (no umlauts). Bear in mind the cicon2 rules stipulated in the "Base" register under "Password only consists of ".

Use the "Level" field to allocate an access authority level to the user.

Click on Btn_GetUsrData to accept the user data.

The dialogue for password verification will pop up.


Click here to display / hide the image.   Illustration, Re-enter password:



Re-enter the new password.

Click on Btn_Ok to complete the user dialogue.

Repeat this dialogue for every user you wish to create.




Please note that the maximum number of characters for both user and password is 10.


User names that consist of more than 10 characters or include invalid characters are dismissed as invalid by the application of the operator interface.




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