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With SPSPlusWin you can program up to sixteen languages: in the Eagle series you can upload up to four languages, and in the Falcon series up to three languages. The language selected under "Active" is the language used to present the project after startup. The index indicates the order for switching the languages within the "switch language" function.


Short version:

With a right mouse-click, select ' System > Language Setting ' in the Object Explorer.

Right-click on "Language Setting".

In the context menu, click on "New".

The dialogue for creating a new language will pop up.

Allocate a descriptive name to the language in the "Name" field.

Define the characteristics you want in the "Font", "Width", "Height" and "Character map" fields.

Click on "OK" to complete the dialogue and to implement the new language.


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Specifies the symbolic name of the language.

Update system messages:

Enables you to specify the language in which the system messages will be issued.


Selection field to define the font.


Defines the width in pixels to be used for each character.


Defines the height in pixels to be used for each character.

Character map:

Defines the scope of characters to be uploaded to the operator interface.

Characters used = Only those characters from a font that are used will be uploaded.

All characters = All characters of a font will be uploaded.



Example with five programmed languages:






The index and the active language can be created or modified using the toolbar for the language.





Activating a language:

Select the requested language in the table and click the button in the toolbar. The selected language is activated and is marked with an "X" in the "Active" column.





Specifying and modifying the index:

Select the requested language in the table and click the button showing the requested index. The index is assigned to the language and determines the order for switching the language.





Removing a projected language:

Select the language to be removed and click the button for removal. The language is now deactivated and is no longer available after a download in the target device.



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