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Use the "Logging in a user" menu item to call up a pate for user log-in. As a rule, log-in must be possible irregardless of the current user level. For this, the "Login" page will be called up.


Call up of the "Login" page was realised as follows:


Click on this symbol BtnSymb_Touchfield in order to open the dialogue for creating a touch field.

In the field "Name" field to allocate a name to the touch field object. In the demo-project "Btn_ChangeUser".

Use the "Access authorization" selection field to select the required password level. In the demo-project "0 = free access".

The other parameters retain their default values.

Change to the Graphics list".

At the top left, beneath the "Graphics library", select the "Project: Graphics\Touchfields" project directory, where the images you need are stored.

In the selection list, double-click on the "Btn_Circle_UsrMan_r.gif" image to specify the image to be used for the touch field in its un-pressed (normal) state.

In the selection list, double-click on the "Btn_Circle_UsrMan_p.gif" to specify the image to be used for the touch field in its pressed state.

Change to the "Functions" register.

Click on Btn_OverView to open the list of functions that can be programmed for the touch field.

Open the "Page navigation" function group.

Double-click on the "Selecting a screen page" function.

On the parameter list, click on "Page name".

In the "Screen page" selection field, allocate the "Login" page to this button.

Click on Btn_Ok to complete the parameterisation of the touch field and to accept the parameters.




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