Plant maintenance

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Use the "Plant maintenance" menu item to realise access to the page for plant maintenance.


Call up of the "Page_1" of the plant maintenance was realised as follows:


Click on this symbol BtnSymb_Touchfield in order to open the dialogue for creating a touch field.

Use the "Name" field to allocate a name to the touch field object. In the demo-project "Btn_MachnMaint".

Use the "Access authorization" selection field to select the required password level. In the demo-project "6 - Plant maintenance 6", since this is the level required for plant maintenance.

The other parameters retain their default values.

Change to the Graphics listGraphics list".

At the top left, beneath the "Graphics library", select the "Project: Graphics\Touchfields" project directory, where the images you need are stored.

In the selection list, double-click on the "Btn_Circle_UsrMan_r.gif" image to specify the image to be used for the touch field in its un-pressed (normal) state.

In the selection list, double-click on the "Btn_Circle_UsrMan_p.gif" to specify the image to be used for the touch field in its pressed state.

Change to the "Functions".

Click on Btn_OverView to open the list of functions that can be programmed for the touch field.

Open the "Page navigation".

Double-click on the "Selecting a screen page".

On the parameter list, click on "Page name".

In the "Screen page" selection field, allocate the "Page_1" to this button.

Click on Btn_Ok to complete the parameterisation of the touch field and to accept the parameters.




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