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New password:

Password verify:

Creating Buttons:



Two image objects are required for the password verification.


A.One text object for the text field titles, or, as in our example, a text list for the titles in various languages.

B.One input field to repeat the password entry.


Creating image objects:


Ad A.

Click on this symbol Btn_NewLabel for a text field or Btn_TextList for a text list and position the object above the input field.

If you have created a text field, enter the title directly into the field. For this, click on the text field.

If you have created a text list for titles in many languages, you have to allocate a variable (in our case "Lbl_PwVerify") to it which issues the titlle according to which language was chosen. In order to be able to control the output language, use the "Variable" group field to allocate a variable that controls the language selection. In the "LanguageSel" example this is an analogue variable of the "Integer" type.





See also:


Kapitelseite Creating text lists for titles


Ad B.


Click on this symbol Btn_NewInputFiled for an input field and position the object inside the input field. In the "Variable" group field, select "String". Now allocate the "Urs_PwVerify" variable which was previously created under cicon2 Password verify .






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