User-specific access to pages

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User ManagementUser-specific access to pages


You can create user-specific page access only indirectly, since it is not possible to allocate access authority to a page. In order to make access to a page dependent on a user's access authority you need to allocate the required access authority level to a key or a touch field that is used to call up the page in question.


For this, proceed as follows:


at a key.


In the Object Explorer, click on " System > keyboard layout " register.

In the device image, double-click on the key which you intend to use to call up the page.


at a touch field.


Click on Btn_Touchfield to open the dialogue for a touch field.


next steps for both versions.


In the "Access authorization" field, allocate the required access authority level to the key / touch field.


Click here to display / hide the image.Abbildung, Dialog Tastaturbelegung Zugangsberechtigung:



Change to the Functions" register.

Click on Btn_OverView .

Look for the "Page navigation" group and open it with a click.

Double-click on "Selecting a screen page" to accept the function.

On the parameter list field, click on "Page name" and select the page to be opened in the "Screen page" field.

Click on Btn_Ok to allocate the function.


Click here to display / hide the image.Abbildung, Dialog Touchfeld Funktion Bildschirmseite anwählen:




This process requires a logged in user with valid access authority.

Otherwise, the message "Insufficient access authority" and the page will not be opened.



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