User-specific access to image objects

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User ManagementUser-specific access to image objects


In order to realise user-specific access to image objects (input fields, text lists, touch fields, etc.), proceed as follows:


Taking an input field as an example:


Click on Btn_Eingabefeld to open the dialogue for an input field.

Allocate the required access authority to the input field in the "Access authorization" field.


Click here to display / hide the image.Illustration, Dialogue input field access authority





This input requires a logged-in user with valid access authority.


Otherwise, the message "Insufficient access authority" will pop up!



Bear in mind that an image object will be inaccessible if the auto-logout function is activated and the defined interval has elapsed - see cicon2 Initialising user management !


It is therefore necessary to ensure fast log-in in this case.



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