Automatic Windows log-on

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Configuration of host-pcRDP CommunicationAutomatic Windows log-on


An automatic Windows log-on at the Remote PC is possible if the address book entry for the cicon2 RDP connection contains the correct details for user name, password and domain. When the connection to the Remote PC is being established, the Windows log-on window with the existing details will briefly appear. In the case of correct authentication the automatic log-on at the Remote PC will be carried out.




Only users who have been configured for remote access to the PC can log on to the Remote PC.


For information on remote desktop settings for users, please refer to section cicon2 RDP UsersRDP-User.


If only the cicon2 User name in the address book has been defined, the Windows log-on window will contain this user name and the password must be entered manually.


Only once the correct password has been entered and authenticated, will the automatic log-on to the Remote PC take place.



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