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Operator MenuQuick Access


The QUICK ACCESS menu contains all functions most frequently required. These are:

1.Touch calibration cicon2 CALIBRATE TOUCH SCREEN,
2.Display brightness adjustment cicon2 ADJUST DISPLAY BRIGHTNESS,
3.Connection Start/Stop cicon2 CONNECTING,
4.Touch right click cicon2 TOUCH RIGHTCLICK,
5.Lock Operator Menu cicon2 LOCK OPERATOR MENU and
6.and resynchronisation of the mouse pointer cicon2 RESYNC MOUSE POINTER.


mousesymbol, View of menus variants:

Fallback - connection not configured. Fallback - connection is configured.

Further window open. The configuration variable ForceForewardButton=0.
No further window open. The configuration variable ForceForewardButton=1.
Further window open. The configuration variable ForceForewardButton=0 or 1.
Quick Access
Quick Access

All other settings are listed under menu item cicon2 OPEN CONFIGURATION.


Quick Access Menu


The upper part of the QUICK ACCESS menu shows more connection details.


Quick Access Menu


These are:

- which address book entry is currently being used


Address book entry


- which connection type is being used (KVM, VNC, NetC@p or RDP)


Connection type


- which IP address and associated alias name are being used


Connection information

For more information, please refer to menu itemcicon2 Connection selection.


Use the F7 function key at this point to exit (close) the operator menu.


Since the pre-defined function key (factory state: F8) is for calling up the operator menu, clicking on it cannot immediately be passed on to the host system. If this key is required at the host system, simply click on F8 again. The "forward F8 key press" function (FORWARD F8 KEY PRESS) in the QUICK ACCESS menu serves this purpose.




This forwarding also works when the function key for calling up the operator menu was re-defined and is no longer F8. In line with the re-defined function key the text of the "forward" button will change.

Below and example of changed button labelling (F12 in the example):




If the key activation needed to call up the operator menu is requred at the host system, this can be forwarded by clicking on the button. The button can also be directly activated with the associated "F8" function key. Clicking on the button causes the key information to be forwarded to the host system, resulting in the operator menu being closed.


If the operator menu call-up has been allocated to a key combination of Shift, Alt or Ctrl and a function key, this key forwarding is no longer possible. The "forward" button will then not appear in the operator menu.



If you have opened two or more applications (windows) on the Thin Client, the following button will appear:




Use this button to open a dialogue, via which you can select one of the applications with a double click and open it for use.





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