Open Configuration

[ F8 ] > [ Open Configuration ]

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Operator MenuOpen Configuration


Chose menu item OPEN ADVANCED CONFIGURATION  Buttonwithin the cicon2 QUICK ACCESS menu to go to the advanced settings.


Use mouse to see further information’s.Click on the corresponding area to navigate to the description.

Configuration managementTab overviewQuick AccessKVM-Box SetupConnection detailsNetwork settingsCategories


This OPEN CONFIGURATION menu contains sub-menus / tabs for the network settings (cicon2 NETWORK SETTINGS), the connection details (cicon2 CONNECTION DETAILS) and the KVM-Box Setup (cicon2 KVM-Box Setup) and the configuration management (cicon2 Configuration Management). You can access this sub-menu either via the touch button or via the respective tab (not configuration management).



Use the Next/Back buttons to navigate within the tab overview.




General buttons

The following buttons have the same function in every tab.



Touch button for closing (CLOSE) the menu.

Use this touch button to apply the changes / settings and close and configuration menu.


Touch button will open this Help.



Touch button will open the dialogue for additional information.

Will display the "Thin Client Credits" dialogue with information on developer and technician license. Other buttons in the dialogue will lead to information on software license and our Support department.



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