Standard factory setting

[ F8 ] > [ Open Configuration ] > [ Configuration Manangement ]

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Operator MenuOpen ConfigurationConfiguration managementStandard factory setting


All Thin Clients have the currently valid image loaded on delivery. This image contains the device's factory settings, thus enabling the users to restore these at any time. It is not possible to edit this image or the factory settings as this area is write-protected.
All possible changes of the Thin Client system are stored in the area that is not write-protected.



Restoring the system via the configuration management and the "Restore default" function will overwrite all changes that were made at a later date, such as address book entries, password management, etc.


When you press F2 - Restore default - a safety dialogue will pop up giving you a last chance to confirm (F6 = restore) or cancel (F7 = cancel) the restore process.


Restore factory settings


After you confirm by pressing F6, the restore process is started and shown at the Thin Client. Once the Restore process has been completed, the device must be re-booted to activate the factory settings.





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