Operator Menu

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Operator Menu


The "Operator Menu" can be opened directly via the "F8" function key, provided it is not protected by a cicon2 Password Login. In this case, a login dialogue will pop up.


Depending on the current status and / or the configuration settings the menu might contain different items.


mousesymbol, View of menus variants:

Fallback - connection not configured. Fallback - connection is configured.

Further window open. The configuration variable ForceForewardButton=0.
No further window open. The configuration variable ForceForewardButton=1.
Further window open. The configuration variable ForceForewardButton=0 or 1.
Quick Access
Quick Access

Use the operator menu of the Thin Client operator interfaces to adjust all other parameters where required.


For the standard application of the Thin Client system no configuration via this operator menu is required !


The configuration menu can be called up by pressing the defined function key (OSD hotkey) on the device itself, on the connected external keyboard or on the touch screen keyboard.

As a default, this is the F8 key. This function may, however, be allocated to any other function key as required..

For more information, please refer to cicon2 OSD hotkeys.

It is on purpose that this menu cannot be called up with the respective function key of the virtual keyboard.

After the start-up phase of the Thin Client, the operator menu can be called up at any time.

If a video signal of the host PC is present, the operator menu will appear in the foreground (not in the case of the RDP connection), with the image fading to the background.

Within the operator menu, each function can be called up via its associated function key or via touch.


All related pieces of information and settings are combined under tabs which give an overview of the function in question.


If the associated function key is pressed to call up the configuration menu, the QUICK ACCESS menu of the Thin Client will pop up.


Section Quick Access


Additional settings via the Thin Client configuration file.

The current version of the Thin Client firmware includes further setting options that are NOT accessible via the Operator Menu of the Thin Client.

For more information, please refer to cicon2 Thin Client configuration file.


Thin Client configuration file



In the cicon2 Advanced settings of the operator menu it is also possible to call up individual functions with key commands (shortcuts) via the virtual keyboard or an optional external keyboard.

These shortcuts are always active and trigger the associated command as soon as they are pressed. Activate the shortcut display by pressing the "ALT" key twice on the virtual keyboard or once on the connected keyboard. In order to carry out a request/command, press ALT and the underlined letter of the respective request / command, for example "ALT" + "K" to navigate to the setup menu for the KVM box.





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