Opening the configuration file

[ F8 ] > [ Open Configuration ] > [ Configuration Manangement ] > [ F1 ]

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Operator MenuOpen ConfigurationConfiguration managementThin Client configuration fileOpening the configuration file


It is not possible to directly open the configuration file. This can only be done via the Thin Clientcicon2 Configuration menu .


Call up the configuration menu, select cicon2 Advanced settings and click on the cicon2 Configuration management button. The following dialogue will pop up:


Thin Client Configuration




Please note at this point that

you must not change any but the specified cicon2 Functions without checking with our Support Department.


Incorrect changes via the Thin Client device may result in malfunctioning.

This in turn may result in a complete communications failure of the Thin Client device.



Any changes to the configuration file must be made to the associated functional area.


The configuration file is called up via the F1 key (EDIT and apply) and is opened as a text file in notepad format.


configuration file



The following chapters describe ONLY those functions that were listed under cicon2 Functionalities in the Thin Client Configuration File section.



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