Defining language fonts

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LanguagesET/MT-3x6 (2x8)-SeriesLanguageDefining font for languages


Open the Object Explorer and select the object type "Language settings" for specifying or modifying fonts.




Click on "Language settings" with the right mouse key.




or in the window next to it.




In the context menu, click on "New" with the left mouse key.


The dialogue "Language settings" will then pop up.


Dialogue "Language settings"




This window is used to enter the language name and allocate fonts and their size.






Context menu "Name":


Press the right mouse button to open the context menu





Creates a new language.


Save as

Saves / copies the language and its parameters under a new name.


Modifies the name of the existing language.


Change font:




In the ET/MT-3x6 and ET/MT-2x8 SERIES 4 different fonts can be parametrized.

All fonts used must be fonts of type "Windows Fixed Font".

Please refer to the following section of the dialogue window for the sizes which can be selected using the pull-down menu.








For each font, you can also define via character map whether all characters of the font are transferred to the operator interface, or only those used for your project.


The following note is displayed, if the selected font width is greater than the selected font height.






1.Please note that font changes and changes in font size are also applied to existing texts.


2.We recommend to allocate the same fonts and font sizes to different languages within the same project, in order to avoid incorrect displays after switching languages.


In the field Name enter a name for the language.
In the FONT area, select a font from the list as first font for this language.
Select a font width from the list in the WIDTH field.
Select a font height from the list in the HEIGHT field.
Proceed in the same way for the fonts 2, 3, and 4.
In the field Comment you can enter additional information.
Confirm the entry by clicking OK.



The sizes 8 x 8 or 8 x 16 can be selected for the first font.

A width of 8 to 32 pixels and a height of 8 to 64 pixels can be selected for the fonts 2 to 4.


The first font of a language is used to display Messages.

For this reason, the size of the first font must be the same for all languages.

If you modify the size of the first font, all other languages are adapted correspondingly.

After having defined a new language, this language is displayed in the Object Explorer list.



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