What is a project engineering software

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IntroductionWhat is a project engineering software


SPSPlusWIN is a comfortable project engineering software with which you can create applications for all operator interfaces of the ET/MT-3x6 and ET/MT-2x8 or Falcon SERIES produced by R. STAHL HMI Systems GmbH.

You can create cicon2 Screens, cicon2 Messages, Variables, cicon2 Functions and cicon2 Process connections. From simple texts and animated graphics up to freely definable cicon2 Touch fields, a great variety of objects are available for comfortable, user-friendly operation and process visualization. The program provides numerous opportunities to adapt your applications to your process requirements in the shortest time possible as well as the best possible support when linking control systems and other external devices.


Example for ET-336:



SPSPlusWIN is a modular system with the following remarkable characteristics:


Object-oriented project planning, i.e. all objects are referenced via a symbolic name.
A different target device can be selected during project planning.
Up to 32 languages can be defined for each project.
Up to 4 languages with 4 font sets respectively can be loaded into the target device. The languages can be switched online at the target device.
Up to 4 different communication protocols can be loaded into the target device. Thus, different control systems and devices using different protocols can be operated simultaneously with one target device.
All project data is stored in the data base format ACCESS 7.0.
Further target devices and communication protocols can be added to the system.



Please note that the availability of the functionalities listed above depend on the type of operator interface. The list above represents the full options that are not available for every type of operator interface !



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