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Inside the numerous applications, identical object are displayed on different screen pages. These can include key process parameters or static objects which should be available on more than one page. It is not necessary to create these objects repeatedly for each screen page, but only once in the form of a Template, which can then be used as a background design for the screen pages.


In principle, templates are designed like screen pages by using the image editor.




In the Object explorer the Templates object type
using the menu Edit -New or
using the button New object or
using the chortcut <Ctrl + I> or
via the Context menu New


When creating a new template, the Dialogue Page propertiesis opened first.

In contrast to the screen pages, it is only possible to specify a name for the template in this dialogue and to assign the template to a group.


Example: Dialogue template for screen pages




As soon as you confirm your entries by clicking "OK", the image editor is displayed for designing image objects. Templates are defined in the same way as screen pages and are not subject to any restrictions.


If you use a template for a certain page, the template objects are marked with a diagonal grid shown on top of the object. These objects cannot be edited within the page. If you wish to modify the objects, you always have to use the template. In this way, all pages using the template are automatically adjusted.




Use the Page properties Dialogue to assign a template to a page.


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