Establish connection

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Remote PC ServerEstablish connection


The connection to the operator interface is established via what is known as a Viewer. R. Stahl HMI Systems provide their own VNC Client. This Remote PC Viewer does not need to be installed; a double-click is enough to start it.




For Server, specify the IP address of the operator interface. Please note that since the Remote PC Viewer establishes a connection via Port 5900 this port must be opened in your firewall. You might need to contact your Systems Administrator for this.


Having made sure the port is opened, press the button named "Connect" and the connection is established.


If a password has been defined (see Remote PC server) users now have to enter this password,

after which the screen of the operator interface will be displayed.



Illustration: ET-316 screen


The time needed to switch between screens or refresh contents largely depends on the actual network load. The Remote PC Viewer automatically attempts to ensure a fast data transfer which may result in a reduced number of colours and objects not being displayed in their true color. Use the menu item "Options" of the Remote PC Viewer to switch off this optimize function (see the chapter on settings).



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