Create variables for recipe components

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RecipesCreate variables for recipe components


First of all you have to have a clear idea of the recipe's structure. The following considerations are useful:

Are there set components for each recipe, or should there be an option of selecting different ingredients for each component. For example, if you have a recipe for shortbread, you have set ingredients such as eggs, sugar, flour etc., and you would only require variables for the amounts of each ingredient. If, on the other hand, you want to create recipes for different colour paints (such as acrylic paints, emulsion paints, etc.), you will need to specify not only the amount of each ingredient, but also its components (different resins, different pigments) as variables.
Which value range and which type (decimal, floating point, etc.) should the individual variables have?
Should the values be scaled? (Adjustment from display or input values to the values in the PLC)
Which value options (e.g. red pigment, blue pigment) should the user be able to allocate to the components?
To which memory address in the PLC should the recipe parameters be forwarded? (process allocation of variables)


Create a new variable as follows:


Open or create a project in which you wish to program the recipe(s). In the Project Explorer, click on the plus sign in front of Pict_ObjktExplrVars.


From the list, select the cicon2 Variable relevant for you (usually, these would be "Analog variables") and press the shortcut "Ctrl + I". A dialogue for the variable parameters will pop up.


Basic parameters dialogue: Use mouse to see further information’s.



Use mouse to see further information’s.

Functions with selection list dialogue:

Functions with selected function dialogue:


Of hardly any relevance in this context !!


Process allocation dialogue: Use mouse to see further information’s.



Complete the variable programming by clicking "OK".



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