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The visualization performance class operator interface (MT-315, MT-335, ET-8A and ET-12) can work with the following printer servers:

The printer servers from Hewlett-Packards have been tested


External HP Jetdirect print servers

Type: HP Jetdirect 300X print server

Type : HP Jetdirect 500X print server


HP Jetdirect internal print server

Type: HP Jetdirect 600 SERIES



The print server has to support the FTP-print protocol.


Because HP constantly updates its products other models can also be used but may have to be tested in advance. The external printer servers are designed for the connection of many different printers with parallel interfaces (regardless of manufacturer). The printer servers are configured via a website and can then be connected to the operator interfaces without a PC system. The printer server of the operator interface supports the distributed output of error messages, print reports and audit trails to various printers.


Connection options:




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