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Print reportCreate a print reportTriggering


All settings defined for the requested functioning of the print report are specified via the dialogue Print reports on the Triggering tab.





Activate protocol

The protocol can be activated using a digital variable. If the status of the digital variable is set to "high" (1), the report is activated and able to record data. If any digital variable is not selected or created anew in this field, the report is always active.

Apply header data

The positive edge of the digital variable specified here determines whether the data of the header and footer are considered for the next printout.

Trigger printout

By means of a positive edge alternation of the digital variable specified here, printing can be started at any moment.

Print protocol

By specifying a digital variable, printing can be activated and/or deactivated. If the checkbox (Print report) is selected, printing is always activated.

Cyclic recording in seconds

Use this field to enter a constant in seconds. This values determines the cycle for applying the table data.

If a cyclic recording is requested, do not enter a variable into the field "Apply table data".

Apply table data

By means of a positive edge alternation of the variable specified here, data is applied to the table area.

When using this function, do not enter a value in the field "Cyclic recording in seconds".

Clear report

If this option is selected, the report is cleared after it has been printed manually (Trigger printout). The next automatic printing (provided that the page is full) is started with the next new value. The values already printed are not printed again.

Print report

When selecting this option, the print function is permanently activated and cannot be activated or deactivated using the digital variable in the field "Print report".



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