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For indicating the condition of a process parameter, a symbolic output as descriptive text can also be used instead of the numeric indication of the variable value. When using the symbolc output, the value and/or value area can also be presented as descriptive text. Using text, you can visualize, for instance, conditions of machine system elements. The variable values are assigned to symbolic texts by means of text lists.


Using a text list, you can also carry out a symbolic input. When activating this field, a pop-up window is displayed on the operator interface. In this window a list entry can be selected which is transferred to the PLC after having confirmed the assigned value.


The tool bar is used to create text lists.


Tools toolbar:



Click the symbol for a text list in the Tools toolbar:.


The mouse pointer changes to the selected symbol. cursor_textliste_object


Position the object on the screen and briefly click on the left mouse button.
The menu for field properties will pop up.




Select a variable with an existing text list or create one via the cicon2 Properties  button.
In the "Variable" range, define an analog variable by selecting one or by creating a new one via the "Properties" button.
Click "OK" to complete the process.


Description of properties:




Actual value, set value or set / actual value

A text list can only be used as actual value, set valoue or as set / actual value.


Name which can be selected freely for the text list

A text list can be used several times with the same properties, since the different displayed values are determined via the analog variable.


Text list properties

Definition of texts and the assigned values or value areas.


Arbitrary comment for information purposes.

Information regarding the field can be entered in the comment field. Comments are used for explanation purposes in SPSPlusWIN.

Color attributes


Specifies the foreground and background colour attributes which are activated, if the variable value is between the upper and lower limit values.

upper limits

Specifies the foreground and background colour change when reaching the upper limit value.

lower limits

Specifies the foreground and background colour change when reaching the lower limit value.



When selecting this option, the multiplexing tab is displayed.

In this tab, all specifications for multiplexing variables can be determined and/or modified.



The value predefined for a text list may only be a value of the analog variable type.


Use this field to select or create the variable specifying the value for the bar chart.

The value of this variable is used for a text in the text list. When using the multiplexing function, the variable and the text list do not influence each other.

Process connection

Information on the programmed process connection

The displayed process connection provides information on the address used by the analog variable.



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