Declare function keys as softkeys

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Keyboard layoutSoftkeysDeclare Functionskeys as Softkeys


To declare function keys as softkeys, open the object type "System > Keyboard layout" in the Project Explorer.





By double-clicking on the requested key using the left mouse button, the dialogue "Keyboard layout, Base" opens.





Use the tab Functions to change to the functions dialogue
Open the function overview
Select the requested softkey by double-clicking with the left mouse button.





After having confirmed by clicking "<OK>", all configured softkeys are available in the "Page" menu and can be linked to a function.




After their selection, the defined soft keys are displayed in a dialogue. At the same time, a list containing the soft keys which are not yet assigned is indicated in the "Key" column. The first function projected to a soft key is indicated in the "Functions" column. Using SPSPlusWIN, it is possible to assign several different functions to one soft key.




Assigning a function:


Open the dialogue by double-clicking the requested soft key with the left mouse button.
Click the "Functions" tab.




Select the requested function from the overview menu.
If required, enter all parameters.
Confirm by clicking "OK".
The dialogue is closed.
Exit the dialogue Soft key layout by clicking "Exit".
The programmed softkeys are now immediately available on the current page.



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