Create a System message

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MessagesET/MT-3x6 (2x8) - SeriesSystem messagesCreate a System message


It is possible to create new System messages.This may be necessary in the case of new operating instructions. Upgrades are made available by  R. STAHL HMI Systems GmbH  . In principle, these instructions are always automatically available in the next version update.


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Kapitelseite System messages


There are three ways to create system messages.


Version 1)




Click on the System message symbol.
Click the right mouse-button.
In the context menu, select menu item "New".




Version 2)




Click on the System message symbol.
Press the keys "Ctrl. + I".


Version 3)




Click on the System message symbol.
Open the "Edit" menu.
Select menu item "New".




The System messages basic dialogue will pop up.





Explanation of properties:




Freely assignable System message name.

Accept the default name or create a new name. You may change the name at any later time.

Message text

Text shown when a System message is activated.

Enter the desired text 1) for the System message.


For a better overview System messages can be grouped.

Allocation of System messages to groups. This allocation to groups improves clarity and enables you to sort or copy messages by groups.


Freely assignable comment.

Enter information on the relevant field into the comment field. Comments serve explanatory purposes in  SPSPlusWIN .



The length of System messages depends on the target device.



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