Scaling of the pointer graph

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The scaling properties are determined by the properties of the variable that represents the pointer graph.

For this, click on the Btn_Dialogoeffnen button on the dialogue for the field properties of the pointer graph.




A dialogue window will pop up for the pointer graph properties.




Pointer graph


Name which can be selected freely for the pointer graph

A created pointer graph can be used several times with the same properties, since the different displayed values are determined via the analog variable.

Font number, 0-2

Selects a font

Enter the number of the requested font in this field. (0-2)

Code of character

Direct input

ASCII code of the selected character


Opens the character map

Opens the character table with all characters of the selected font. After having selected the requested character with the left mouse button, the character is automatically applied when closing the dialogue.


The pointer graph can be assigned to a group which can be selected freely.

Touch fields can be assigned to groups. This assignment improves the clarity of the project. Furthermore sorting and copying according to groups is possible.


Arbitrary comment for information purposes.

Information regarding the field can be entered in the comment field. Comments are used for explanation purposes in SPSPlusWIN.



Font selection


After having confirmed by clicking "OK", the ASCII code of the selected characters is automatically entered into the field Character code and is used as pointer symbol in the pointer graph.




Settings for scaling the pointer graph




When selected, the pointer graph is displayed

with horizontal alignment.


When selected, the pointer graph is displayed

with vertical alignment.



Border color

not useable at this point

Top scale


Specifies whether a constant or an analog variable

is to be used for the upper scaling value (max).


Specifies the value of the constant or

the analog variable used for the scaling value.

Bottom scale


Defines the constant value



The selected properties as position, type, etc. are symbolically presented in the preview window.



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