Setup in Control Builder

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Data exchangeCoupling Operator Interface to ABB AC 800 C/MSetup in Control Builder


To access the variables of a AC 800 station, you need to define in the Control Bulider the Access variables.

The variables are defined in the Access Variables Editor




There are three tabs in the grid window: MMS, COMLI and SattBus.

These tabs show the connections for each communication protocol.

Each tab contains four columns: Name, Path, Data type and Attribute.






An access name is created for a variable in a communication protocol.

The name must be unique within the physical system, that is, the controller.

Conversely, one variable path can have different access names.



Path refers to a local variable.

Data Type

When a path is given, the data type is automatically filled in. You cannot edit this column.


You can set Attribute to ReadOnly or leave the field blank.


MMS variables can only be accessed by name.
A MMS access variable name can be up to 32 characters long and contain letters, digits and the characters dollar($) and underscore(_).
The access variable name cannot begin with a digit or the dollar ($) character.        
Allowed datas type for a single variable: all data types.
Allowed datas type for a structured variable: all data types.
Variables in a structured variable can consist of different data types.



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