Configuration parameters

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System ConfigurationConfiguration parameters


In the tab "Configuration parameters", set the system ID and the operating variables.


Klicken Sie hier, um die Abbildung ein bzw. auszublenden.        Figure until Vers 5.1.xx:



Klicken Sie hier, um die Abbildung ein bzw. auszublenden.        Figure with Vers. 5.2.xx:






System identification

Sets the name of the identifier in the system firmly.


System Variables



Variable to replace the status of the Control Panel.



Variable to control the connected horn.

Falcon only


Variable to control a signal lamp connected.

Falcon only

Security settings

with Vers. 5.2.x

Enable WebServer

Activates the server for the internet connection.

Allow FTP download without information

Deactivates the request for confirmation for data download at the operator interface.



The selected variables necessarily need a configured cicon2 connection process !

About this, the control values ​​between the PLC and display unit to be replaced.



When using a web server you have to take suitable measures to ensure that unauthorized personnel cannot access the operator interface via the internet !


Otherwise there is a risk of your system being disabled by DoS attacks.



Please bear in mind that when you have deactivated the request for confirmation unauthorized third parties can at any time (even during operation) change the configuration !


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