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The purpose of the "Recipe" software function is to transfer control values (parameters) required for a recipe to a programmable logic controller. At least one, usually more, variables are allocated to the recipes that parameterise the recipe's ingredients. Process connections to the memory or the PLC register are programmed for these variables. You can define values for these variables either via input fields, by means of functions or directly by the PLC.


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When you create your first recipe, SPSPlusWIN will generate a text list called "Sys_Recipe". Into this list, SPSPlusWIN will write the name of the recipe you have created. The name of each further recipe that you create will also be entered into this variable. Use this text list to select a specific recipe for an operation (save, load and delete). The operation itself will be carried out using the cicon2 Recipe operation or cicon2 Manage recipe functions.


The diagram below is intended to illustrate the relationship between individual objects and the function parameters.


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Each recipe's name is entered into the "Sys_Recipe" text list. On one side, the text list is connected to a text list object. If a recipe is now selected at the operator interface from this text list object, the recipe number allocated to this recipe will be forwarded to the variable for recipe selection. Conversely, you can control the text displayed in the text list via the value of the variable. The value of the operation variable can be used to control the type of recipe operation (save, load and delete). Use the variable for memory selection you can determine the memory type on which the recipe operation is to be carried out.


The following chapters describe in detail how to program a recipe function in your project.


Before you starting to program a recipe function, the following issues should be resolved:

Which recipes you wish to program
What are the ingredients (e.g. sugar, salt, flour) of each recipe. These will be programmed as variables.
Whether the individual recipe parameter values should be limited
To which memory address in the PLC should the values be transferred
Who is authorised to create, delete or load recipes (access authority; not mandatory)



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