Recipe selection via variable

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RecipesCreate recipe selectionRecipe selection via variable


Open or create a page where you wish to program a recipe selection.


In the tool bar, click on the "Create text list" symbol BtnSymb_Textliste .

Position the mouse in the page editor roughly where you want to have the text list. With a left mouse click you create a text list. Keep the mouse key pressed to adjust the text list position.

Release the left mouse key. A dialogue will pop up where you can set the parameters for the text list.


Use mouse to see further information’s.



This provides the operator with a text field with information on the selected recipe. What is missing is the option to select a recipe.



If you wish to disable the option to select a recipe via the selection dialogue, select "Actual Value" for the type in the field area.



The selection function can be realised via a touch field (ET/MT-3x6 and ET/MT-2x6 SERIES only) or via keys. The recipe selection is controlled via a variable (here: "RecSelection"). The value of this variable is determined by the recipe shown in the text list. The variable is incremented or decremented via two keys or touch fields. For this, SPSPlusWINprovides the "Incrementing a variable" and "Decrementing a variable" functions. You have to program these to the corresponding keys or touch fields.


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