Recipe selection via selection list

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RecipesCreate recipe selectionRecipe selection via selection list


Open or create a page where you wish to program a recipe selection.


In the tool bar, click on the "Create text list" symbol BtnSymb_Textliste .

Position the mouse in the page editor roughly where you want to have the text list. A mouse click will generate a text list which you may position by keeping the mouse key pressed.

Release the left mouse key. A dialogue will pop up where you can set the parameters for the text list.


Use mouse to see further information’s.




In order to program the text list field at the operator interface for the selection via a dialogue,

"Actual Value" must not be selected for type in the "field" area.


If "Actual Value" is selected, the selection dialogue will be disabled.



The variable in the "Variable" range is required for the allocation of the selected recipe during a recipe operation.



Set the remaining parameters according to your requirements.


A selection dialogue can be opened at the operator interface where the operator can select a recipe.


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