Recipe selection via control

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RecipesCreate recipe selectionRecipe selection via control


Open or create a page where you wish to program a recipe selection.


In the tool bar, click on the "Create text list" symbol BtnSymb_Textliste.

Position the mouse in the page editor roughly where you want to have the text list. A mouse click will generate a text list which you may position by keeping the mouse key pressed.

Release the left mouse key. A dialogue will pop up where you can set the parameters for the text list.


Use mouse to see further information’s.



This provides the operator with a text field with information on the selected recipe.



The variable in the "Variable" range is required for the allocation of the selected recipe during a recipe operation.


Use the process connection programmed for this variable to select a recipe directly via the PLC. For this, write the value allocated in the variable's process connection into the memory register of the PLC.



Please note that any limit values of a variable programmed in SPSPlusWIN will not be checked by the PLC after having been changed.


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