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The following conditions need to be met if you want to save a recipe:


1.the variable that is used for selecting the drive must have the value 0 or 1.
2.the variable that determines the recipe operation must have the value 2.
3.the variable that contains the recipe name must be allocated to a text with a maximum of 8 characters.
4.the variable that represents the selected recipe must have the number of the currently selected recipe.


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Parameters of the "Recipe operation" function:


Parameters of the "Manage recipe" function:




Is programmed for a key, a soft key

or a touch field.



Is programmed for an analog variable,

a digital variable

or a string.


The name of the recipe

is transferred by the variable determined by the

"text variable for the name"



The operation is initiated by setting or changing the value of the variable for which the function has been configured.



Here, it is not the recipe programmed in SPSPlusWIN that is saved, but the values of the variables programmed in the recipe. !


This makes it possible to save different recipes for one formulation;

e.g recipes for different colours for the formulation "acrylic paints".



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