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Remote PC ServerSettings


The Remote PC Viewer has the following settings:




Quick Options:


With this setting, the fastest display type based on the data transfer rate is identified. This may result in the number of colours being reduced, for example, and objects being displayed in a different colour.
With this modus, all screen data is transferred. Consequently, this modus requires the highest performance and the Refresh will take the longest (>1 sec.)
This modus is the optimum display version for a local network. Another setting should only be chosen if the network has a very high workload or if there are problems with the display. The refresh delay is usually in the region of 500 msec.
This modus reduces the refresh time (down to 300 msec.). However, some of the colours are not displayed true to the original.
This is the fastest transfer type, but most objects will not be displayed correctly due to the reduced number of colours (performance 200 msec.).



The performance quoted is an approximate value. The type of device used, network load, topology setup and other factors have an impact on these values. They must not be taken as guaranteed speed.



Under menu item Options, users may specify further settings. However, this should only be done after consultation with the Support Department of R. Stahl HMI Systems.



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