Remote PC Server

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Remote PC Server


The Remote PC Server is a type of Virtual Network Computing (VNC, a software developed by AT&T.)

With this software, screen contents of the operator interface may be displayed on a local workstation (running the VNC Viewer software) and, in return, keyboard and mouse movements at the local workstation may be sent to the operator interface.

Users can thus work with the operator interface without being anywhere near it. A "Read Only" mode can also be selected where local input has no effect on the remote workstation.


The Remote PC Server option can therefore be used for diagnosis, maintenance and remote control of operator interfaces via intranet (not internet !). For the remote control of local stations the Remote PC Viewer of R. Stahl HMI Systems is used.



This function should only be used for diagnosis and commissioning purposes; critical functions (e.g. start/stop of a machine) cannot be guaranteed via this function since transfer problems may occur in the network at any time. The structure of the TCP/IP network may cause a delay in transmitting of control commands (no real-time transmission); in some cases, the commands may even be lost.



In order to use the Remote PC server, a driver must be installed at the TCP/IP channel. Select "Remote PC Server" as protocol type. Then specify the IP address of the operator interface. Gateway servers are currently not supported so that the function is limited to local networks (intranet).




The following parameters may be specified:


Query on incoming connection
This function requires a local confirmation for the connection to be established. When establishing a connection with the operator interface the following message will pop up "Establish Remote PC connection?". Once this message has been confirmed locally the connection to the PC is established.
Disable Viewer input
With this parameter the possibility of control via the remote PC is disabled: control commands are not transferred to the operator interface.
Use RT Setup password
When establishing a connection the Remote PC Viewer can request a password. If this function has been activated, the RTSetup password is expected. Caution: Only capital letters and numbers may be used in RTSetup.



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