Fault message acknowledge field

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Station parameterET/MT-3x6, ET/MT-2x8Fault message acknowlegde field


Starting from the specified start address of the Acknowledge field the acknowledgements of the cicon2 fault messages are displayed. The same value should be entered for the bit number and for the fault message area. Regarding its order and structure the acknowledgement area corresponds to the imaged fault message area. Consequently, the sizes of the acknowledgement area and the fault message area must basically be the same. The indicated address starts with the offset +00 and is called start address.





If a user acknowledges a message planned as "dynamic fault message", the corresponding bit is set in the acknowledgement field.




1.The message is not acknowledged, if no address has been specified for the acknowledgement field.
2.After having restarted the system or following a communication error, all bits in the acknowledgement field are set to "0".
3.If a bit in the fault bit field is set to "0", the corresponding bit in the acknowledgement area is also reset.



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