define a Process connection

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VariablesProcess connectiondefine a Process connection


To configure a Process connection click on the Process connection tab.

You get access to this tab via the basis dialogue of the linked variables.


Click on the Process connection tab.
In the field "Name"get the default.
In the Protocol driver field, get the default setting.
select a the station as variable value target.
At the group field "Symbol of address" set the requested PLC address.







Enter a process connection name here or accept the proposed name.

Protocol driver

Select the requested protocol driver or accept the default setting.

Scan time

Enter the desired measuring rate or accept the default value.


Freely defineable comment. This comment is only used for information purposes in SPSPlusWIN:


Select one of the Stations defined under ports definitions.

Symbol of address

Groupfield to define the protocol specific adressing of the process connection.


Defines the format of the process variable. The selected format must compare to the type defined at tab "Base". Also in the PLC you must reserve a range required for the selected format size.


The specified process connection is displayed on the tab "Base" of the variable dialogue.



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