Transfer Projection data

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Projection dataTransfer Projection dataTransfer Projection data


After the function Generating has generated the actual data to be downloaded, this data can now be transferred to the target device.


There are two possibilities available to transfer design data into the target device. Generally, SPSPlusWIN checks before the transfer, whether the project has been modified after the last generating process. If the project has not been modified, the dialogue for transferring the data to the target device is opened immediately. However, if the project has been modified in the mean time, you are first requested whether the data are to be generated anew before being transferred into the target device.


Open the menu Project.
Select the menu item Transfer or press the key combination <CTRL-T>.




If a modified project has not been generated at this point you will see the following dialogue:




Click on "Yes" if you wish to transfer the modifications, too.



The transfer dialogue is displayed.


Dialogue for transfer via serial interface:



Dialogue for transfer via Ethernet (ET/MT-3x6 & ET/MT-2x8 only):



Select the PC interface to which the programming cable is connected.
Select the appropriate baud rate for the transfer. (not applicable for Ethernet transfer).
Select the target memory (dependent on type of operator interface).1
Define the communication parameters (not applicable for Ethernet transfer) and click on "OK" .


Now the following window will pop up, showing you the progress of the transfer:



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