Representation of text number in the peripheral input of the process data area

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Easy ProfibusEPB Functional DescriptionProcess data areaPeripheral input text number


Peripheral input text number, start address + 02


The peripheral input for the text number represents the actual value (page number = text number) of the page currently displayed (screen page, fault message page, histogram or fault message).

How this value (page number) is represented (displayed) depends on the display format selected in the PLC.


The following applies as a value (page number) for:


Screen page:

is the page programmed in SPSPlusWIN with its allocated page number.


Display in SPSPlusWIN Explorer:




Display in page properties:



fault message page:

the value is fixed to decimal -2 (hexadecimal FFFE).


No fault message pending (all fault message bits are set = 0).

As soon as there is a fault message pending, the value of the fault message page is replaced by the text number of the current (at the topmost position) fault message in the display.


Display of the fault message page on the operator interface:





the value is fixed at decimal -1 (hexadecimal FFFF), regardless of whether there are any histogram entries or not.


Display of the histogram at the operator interface:




Fault message:

is the text number of the corresponding fault message generated by the code generator in SPSPlusWIN.

All error messages in the SPSPlusWIN project are generated in the project as a sequence of texts and thus also as text numbers. The appropriate allocation (sequence) of the texts is defined by means of allocating the corresponding fault message bit.

Bit 0 = first text

Bit 1 = second text


Bit 511 = 512th text

The area required for the fault message texts and determined by the number of defined fault message bits is reserved on the database.


If no start number has been defined for the fault messages, i.e. if the start number is 0, the code generator will store the  fault message texts on the next available area of the database. This will be displayed on the output screen of the code generator.


Output screen (section) of the code generator:


Since the database keeps filling up during programming, there may be a certain rearrangement of the fault message texts on the database. Consequently, the fault message texts position on the database could change after every change made to the project.

To prevent this you can allocate a fixed start number to the fault message texts.

This allocates a fixed position on the database to the fault message texts where they will always be located.

This way the page numbers for the fault messages of this project are fixed and each active fault message can easily be identified via the peripheral output text number.


To allocate a fixed start number to the fault message texts, proceed as follows: in SPSPlusWIN Explorer, to to the  "Messages" folder and mark the sub-folder "fault messages".

With a right mouse click, a drop-down list will open from which you select "Start number". Alternatively, press CTRL+R.




An additional window will then open, where you can define the start number for the fault message texts.




If you enter a value (start number), the fault messages will be stored on the database from this point onwards.



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