Acknowledging of fault messages via the peripheral input of the process data area

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Easy ProfibusEPB Functional DescriptionProcess data areaPeripheral input acknowledge area


Peripheral input Acknowledge area, start address +03


Acknowledged dynamic fault messages are displayed via the associated acknowledge bit in the peripheral input acknowledge area.


It is inherent to the system that the peripheral input acknowledge area is of the same length as the peripheral output fault messages !

For this reason the length of the acknowledge area and the fault message area has to be identical in the SPSPlusWIN project !




In the peripheral input acknowledge area you may use up to a total of 512 fault messages as dynamic fault messages that have to be acknowledged.

If the entire fault message area is being used, which would correspond to the entire acknowledge area, a total of 35 words of the process data area will be reserved. For the variables this leaves the remainder in the process data area.

Please note the defined length of your DP slave participant in the hardware configuration of your PLC program !


This peripheral input acknowledge area only exists if the acknowledge area has been defined in the SPSPlusWIN project.

As with the fault message area, this will be defined via the length of the acknowledge area and thus the number of acknowledge (fault message) bits.

If the length equals 0 (zero), the area does not exist.



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