Control of text number in the peripheral output of the process data area

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Easy ProfibusEPB Functional DescriptionProcess data areaPeripheral output text number


Peripheral output text number, start address + 02


In the text number peripheral output you can access pages on the operator interface via the PLC.

For this, the value (number) of the page is written in this register. As a result, the page is shown on the operator interface.


Please note that you have to clear this register (re-set to 0), since this peripheral output is not cleared automatically.

If you do not clear the register, the operator interface might react in an unintended way (page call-up).


This does not constitute an error but is system-inherent.


Use this functionality to call up screen pages from the SPSPlusWIN project.


The value (page number) for the

screen page

is the page in the SPSPlusWIN project with its allocated page number.


Display in the SPSPlusWIN Explorer:




Display on the page properties window:



The following cannot be called up via this function

- the fault message page

- the histogram


It is actually possible to call up the fault message pages, but these will then be displayed as "normal" text, starting from the top left corner of the display.

These texts also do not contain any fault message functionality.



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