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With this function data input or complete pages can be protected against unauthorized access. Use the system menu of the operator interface to choose whether data or pages are to be protected.




In the system menu the basic functioning is specified and you can select between the options "Refuse page access" and "Refuse variable input". Regardless of the selected option, your choice is valid for the entire project. In principle, pages are always protected. The option selected in the system menu determines whether the access to the entire page is denied in case of a too low access authorization (refuse page access) or data input is not permitted (refuse variable input).



Select the levels of access authority in SPSPlusWIN in the "Page properties" dialogue.
Specify the requested access authorization and confirm the dialogue by clicking <OK>.
Repeat this for every page you wish to protect and for every page which should be write-protected for those with insufficient access authority.



Define access authority for a page:



For creating passwords, a text list and an analog variable is required, both with the name "Password". The text list is only recognized automatically as a password list if it carries this name.



Tools toolbar:



Variant 1)


Click the symbol for a text list in the tools toolbar.


The mouse pointer changes to the selected symbol. cursor_textliste_object


Position the object on the image.
Press and hold down the left mouse button and drag a field having the requested object size.
In the image, the field is marked with a frame and editing handles for modifying its size.





modifies the width of the selected object


modifies the height of the selected object


modifies the height and width of the selected object


Release the left mouse button again.
The dialogue including the field properties for the text list is displayed.




Open the text list properties by clicking on this button: Icon_VarEdit

Enter the standard name "Password" into the "Name" field.

SPSPlusWIN assigns the values according to the order of their entry.


Alternatively, enter the name of the text list itself and then click on Icon_VarEdit .




Important: Please note that password may only consist of a limited number of characters,

and that every password must end with an exclamation mark "!" and the number of the level.

The level is not related to the order of entry of the passwords.


Passwords can be specified on the operator interface.
Up to 20 passwords can be administrated.
The password length amounts to 8 characters.
10 password levels (0-9) can be assigned. Level 9 is the maximum access level and includes the rights of levels 0-8.



Description of properties:




Actual value or set / actual value

A text list can only be used as actual value or as set / actual value.


must be "Password"

Only one variable may be allocated to the text list for passwords. This must be called "Password".


Text list properties

Definition of texts and the assigned values or value areas.


Arbitrary comment for information purposes.

Information regarding the field can be entered in the comment field. Comments are used for explanation purposes in SPSPlusWIN.




The value predefined for a  text list may only be a value of the analog variable type.



must be "Password"


Process connection

Information on the planned process connection

The displayed process connection indicates the address used by the analog variable.



1. Please note that when you download the project once again into the

operator interface the existing password list is written over and only the

passwords stored in the text list under SPSPlusWIN can be used.


2. We recommend you always create a master password with access authorization "3" in the text list using SPSPlusWIN



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