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OperatingApplication start


There are three ways to start  SPSPlusWIN  .


Variant 1: Start via the start menu

SPSPlusWIN  by selecting it in the start menu:


Click the Start button in the taskbar.

Windows opens the Start menu.

Select "All Programs" in the Start menu.

Windows opens the Program folder.

Select "  SPSPlusWIN  " in the program folder.

Windows opens the  SPSPlusWIN  folder.

Click on "  SPSPlusWIN  ".

SPSPlusWIN  will be started.


Variant 2: Start from Windows Explorer


You can start  SPSPlusWIN  in Windows Explorer by double-clicking on  SPSPlusWIN .EXE, or by marking the file and pressing <Enter>.

SPSPlusWIN .EXE is located in the folder which you specified during installation.

In the standard set-up,  SPSPlusWIN .EXE is located under C.\PROGRAMME\ SPSPlusWIN  .


Open the Windows Explorer.
Open the folder containing  SPSPlusWIN .EXE. As a standard, this is located in "C:\Programme\SPSPlusWin\"
Double-click on the file  SPSPlusWIN .EXE.

SPSPlusWIN  will be started.


Variant 3: Start from the Run dialogue box


You can also start  SPSPlusWIN  with the "Run" dialogue.


Click the  Start  button in the taskbar.

Windows opens the Start menu.

Click on "Run..." in the Start menu.

Windows opens the dialogue box Run.

Enter here the complete program path. As a standard, this is "C:\Programme\SPSPlusWin\ SPSPlusWIN.EXE"

Alternatively, click on "Browse..." and select the  SPSPlusWIN .EXE file via the Explorer.

Confirm the entries by clicking "OK".

SPSPlusWIN  will be started.



Variant 4: Desktop Icon


The fastest way to start  SPSPlusWIN  is via the desktop icon.




With the left mouse key, simply click on the symbol for  SPSPlusWIN  .



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